No is a sentence.

No. No is a sentence. We are not taught that, and maybe it only is a sentence because we don’t have to defend it. Not really. We act like we do, we demand explanation but there are so many reasons, No is a sentence.

noisasentencepingraphicI was going to write a completely different blog but I am going to challenge you forward. Understanding you have to be discriminating in your life to uplevel. Lets take discrimination where it is supposed to be, recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another. I’m asking you to understand the difference in your ability, time management, mindset, task list, family, relationships, WHO YOU ARE and where you are at right now in life.

Having to justify saying no puts out to the world a distinct possibility that we are ashamed or guilty about the choice we made and the priorities we have set. It inherently casts doubt on our judgement and skill. It highlights the part of us that we have promoted above self which is the care-giving side of us. We all have a care-giving side. Yes to everything is a verbal Que or a not to self that maybe, just maybe you aren’t leaning in anymore. Leaning in to more or better things for you or your next steps. Leaning into the promise of all tomorrow has to offer into your life.  Saying yes to those tasks we shouldn’t, should be a note to self that we are lacking direction. Without a clear plan as to where we are going we will always agree to the distraction of now whether that’s cookies for the bake sale, or wine with friends.

I implore you to examine what gets you to say yes when everything inside you is screaming no! By not being at every event, and being managed by everyone else’s task list  you aren’t seeing everything they are doing and judging yourself for not doing the same. Free yourself! Even if you are a single parent, even if you are a sole-proprietor, even if you are a caregiver for a loved one, find ways to say not to that which can be delegated so you are free to become and do what you are really great at doing! Liberate yourself from mediocre time wasters into your life of excellence.

So I challenge you powerful one, say no, apply liberally and without excuse or justification. Why? because until we embrace the awkwardness of leaving things undone we will never fully embrace the things for which we have great skill. So I am challenging you, Say no to more busyness, say no to tasks you’ve already said yes. Practice no as a sentence. Share this with the ones you don’t want to burn out.

Embrace the awkwardness of leaving things undone


Mind Mapping for Creativity

Mind Mapping is a tool to boost creativity in a non-linear or abstract thinking pattern. This allows you to make connections, overcome obstacles or even make paths where linear thinking might otherwise trip you up.Mind Mapping for Creativity blog graphic The mechanics of mind mapping are simple. Write an idea in the middle of a paper, preferably ones without lines as this will help separate the linear and non linear ideas visually and promote free association. Sometimes it can help to have instrumental music going so the part of your brain that needs a distraction is calmed a bit. If you need a classical music soundtrack check this out. Or if you need a faster soundtrack this one will work well.

Lets get down to business…You need to start with an idea or direction. The idea I started with was goals as the main or primary idea as seen in the diagram below. Using your non-dominant hand to write causes the logical side of your brain not to override the creativity. The next thing I did was write the ideas that came to mind when thinking about goals using my left hand. These sub-points or secondary ideas are the natural ideas my brain comes up with in a free association manner. You take the secondary ideas and free associate around each of them. and continue out as many times as you need. This reveals the connections and flow between ideas that your brain naturally associates. When you complete several rounds of free association take a step back and look at the ideas that have come out. Look for patterns, significance, or themes that emerge. Goals mindmap example


Ideas that present themselves can be used for writing projects, goal setting, used to plan art projects, or even to help you strategize ideas for your business. I created a  Video here for you to watch the progression. Let me know how you utilize mind mapping.