Is a Skills Boot Camp Worth Your Time?

Is a Skills Boot Camp Worth Your Time?


Students are struggling under massive debt and daily gaps between awarded financial aid and the actual cost to live, and not gaining basic skills to get entry level jobs in their field after college.


If you want to develop new skills, you can try to teach yourself with the help of Google and the library. However, there’s often a more effective way – signing up for a skills boot camp.


The problem is that these boot camps may be pricy, so it’s important to understand what skills you can get from a boot camp and how to find one that will help you the most.

The Advantages of a Skills Boot Camp

A skills boot camp gives you several advantages over trying to learn skills on your own. These advantages are discipline, structure, and a full scope of knowledge.



How many times have you told yourself that you’re going to commit to something, only to fall off after a couple of weeks? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is “more than you can count”. There’s a reason only 8% of Americans achieve their New Year’s resolutions each year.


A boot camp will give you the discipline you need to actually follow through by providing accountability and evaluation throughout the learning period. Depending on the type of boot camp, this might come from projects, homework, peer evaluation, or coach accountability.



Teachers take classes on how to develop a lesson plan – it’s not something you can just stumble in to. Even if you have perfect discipline on your own, your learning will be very piecemeal unless you have a specific structure.


Simply Googling “leadership skills” will not give you a thorough class on how to lead, and you certainly won’t get the hands on application you would in a boot camp. Boot camps have the advantage that they are structured and include built-in time to practice what you’ve learned.


Full Scope of Knowledge

Learning a topic simply by using search or books will give you a piecemeal, incomplete understanding of the subject. You may miss key points simply because they weren’t available in the materials you chose to use. You may also get confused because basic points are assumed or glossed over.


However, a boot camp can give you a more complete experience. You will start with the foundational information and move on to more advanced material, gaining a complete understanding of the topic. Boot camps are structured to give you a full scope of knowledge on the topic.

Who a Skills Boot Camp is NOT For

Skills boot camps are not for everyone. You have to have a specific mindset and willingness to learn in order to truly benefit from a skills boot camp.


Specifically, you have to have commitment, a willingness to grow, and a willingness to find the right boot camp for you. If you don’t have these things, a skills boot camp is not for you.



Generally, skills boot camps have two kinds of commitment – time and money.


Financially, you have to be able to afford the boot camp, or be committed to finding a way to make the financing happen. If the boot camp is virtual you won’t have additional relocation expenses, but on-site skills boot camp will have housing and food expenses you can’t overlook.


Time-wise you have to be willing to commit to the work for the duration of the program. Before joining a boot camp, make sure you understand how much work will be required, both for the group classes and for homework or practice. If you can’t commit to the work of the program, you will be wasting time and money.


Willingness to Change

Many skills boot camps aren’t just about learning a specific skill; they are also about shifting your mindset. This includes boot camps about business, entrepreneurship, and life skills. If you’re not willing to open your mind to new ways of thinking about things, you are likely a poor fit for a boot camp.


The good news is that new mindsets can help you go much further with your new skills than you could ever go before. Mindsets also transfer to helping you utilize other skillsets, so a change in mindset can literally change your whole life!


Willingness to Find the Right Skills Boot Camp for You

Everyone will say that their boot camp is exactly what you need. It’s up to you to find out if it’s true. You’ll need to research the following aspects of a boot camp to make sure you’ll benefit:

  • Cost and location
  • Skills and mindsets learned
  • Applicability to future jobs you desire
  • Any employer partnerships the boot camp maintains
  • Success rate of previous participants
  • Reviews from previous participants


A boot camp can be an incredible experience that helps you develop mindsets and skills that you will use for the rest of your life. Or, it can be a complete waste of time and money. Which one it is depends entirely on you – your wiliness to commit, change, and find the right fit for you.


We help students take their skills and abilities to make money now, and build a resume with appropriate job skills to get a job after graduation. This promotes and maintains your student’s independence and future success.

If you’re interested in earning more cash in college without leaving campus, the Cash for College virtual Boot Camp could be perfect for you. Do you want to create the life you’ve dreamed of?  Watch the video to find out more at!



If you’re interested in earning more cash in college without leaving campus, the Cash for College virtual Boot Camp could be perfect for you. Do you want to create the life you’ve dreamed of?  Watch the video to find out more at!


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