Five Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group in 2017.

Five Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group in 2017


If you’ve never heard of a mastermind group, you may wonder what it is. It sounds like a meeting of evil overlords, doesn’t it? Fortunately, that’s far from the reality.


A mastermind group is simply a group of highly motivated individuals that meet regularly to give each other encouragement and accountability. The phrase “mastermind group” was first coined 75 years ago by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich.


Participants in mastermind groups challenge each other to set powerful goals and work toward accomplishing them. If you want to meet and exceed your goals for 2017, you need to join a mastermind. Here’s why.

You’ll Get New Perspective

One of the greatest things about a mastermind is that everyone comes from a different place. In a really good mastermind, there are motivated people from all walks of life and business who come together to help each other.


As a result, you’ll be able to get a new perspective on your work, goals, and ambitions. People who are looking at things from the outside will help you stay balanced, encouraged, and inspired.

It’s an Exclusive Community

One of the great things about a mastermind group is that not anyone can join at any time. You usually have to be invited or apply. As a result, the people in the group are committed, and you can generally trust that what happens in the group will be confidential.


This exclusive community aspect ensures that you are working with the best of the best and that you don’t have to weed through the nonsense to get the help you need. The other members need you and you need them – everyone is committed to a great experience.

You’re Not Alone

Being in business can be a very lonely venture, especially if your friends and family aren’t supportive. A mastermind group can help end the feeling that you’re in this by yourself and you have to figure everything out.


When your mastermind group includes people at different levels of success, or includes people in different forms of business, you can get advice about what works and what doesn’t. This advice can save you not only from frustration and time researching on your own, but it can save the heartache and financial cost of making major mistakes.

Extend Your Network

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know, right? Well, if that’s the case, a mastermind is a vital part of business success. Joining a mastermind group not only expands your network by giving you access to members of the group, it also can give you access to contacts those members have.


If you need trusted advice on a good accountant or who you should hire to do social media consulting, a mastermind group can put you in touch with the right people. At the same time, the people you know and trust become assets to others in the group. A great mastermind will dramatically increase and improve your network.

Accountability to Reach Your Goals

A mastermind group is not for the weak-hearted. If you’re not committed to reaching your goals and being accountable for the steps you take, don’t join a mastermind! However, if you are on fire to reach the next level and need accountability, a mastermind group is perfect for you.


Often, seeing what others in the group are aiming for and accomplishing will push you higher and help you set bigger goals that you would have ever thought of. You can lay out a plan of action and count on your mastermind to hold you accountable for those results. Being part of a mastermind can multiply and assure your success.


Being part of a mastermind requires commitment, passion, hard work, and willingness to give and receive. If you don’t have that fire, please don’t join one! But if you do, you must be part of a mastermind group in 2017. Your success could depend on it.


For more information about masterminds and how they benefit you, contact me at I’d be happy to help you find your fit!


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